GMP Clean Assurance

Specially Formulated Products for GMP Cleaning Requirements

Step 1

Our Step 1 Cleaner is formulated to easily, safely, and effectively clean equipment used in cannabis, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This powerful formula removes tough resin buildups and soils, helping you meet your GMP cleaning requirements.

Step 1 Cleaner alkaline detergent





dirty m210 mill impeller clean m210 mill impeller

How it Works

We’ve brought a new kind of chemistry to the cannabis industry to tackle the most challenging cleaning jobs. Step 1 Cleaner emulsifies, absorbs, and floats away sticky resins, organics, greases, and oils. It penetrates gums and dyes which are otherwise unaffected by caustics and dangerous solvents found in other cleaners. Our formula has a buffering agent that allows it to act as gently as a pH-neutral cleaner.



GMP Solutions Step 1 Cleaner has been a fantastic addition to our sanitation routine. We process a number of different strains and some of them are much more resinous than others. We hit our equipment with Step 1 and after letting it sit or soak for a short period of time, the resin comes right off. It’s made our job easier and helps keep our equipment in good working order. Step 1 is all we use now and has fully replaced all of our other cleaners.”

— Gilbert Meltcher, Processing Manager, 818 Brands

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