The Solution to GMP Clean Compliance

Our Story

Our team has spent years working in the cannabis industry designing and manufacturing processing equipment like trimmers, buckers, sorters, and mills. From equipment production to implementation, our experts have gained valuable experience in GMP compliance.

Selecting the right equipment is critical for obtaining GMP certification. When it comes to equipment and production processes, an ongoing struggle for facilities is creating a cleaning protocol that can be validated and upheld over time to maintain GMP certification. A big part of the challenge is finding cleaning and sanitizing products that are compatible with the equipment and deliver results that meet GMP standards.

This is what started us on our search for formulas we could recommend to our customers. After visiting hundreds of processing facilities around the world that manufacture GMP-certified products, we created a sanitation solution that fits into any GMP cleaning validation protocol.

Cannabis trim room with workers wearing hair nets, gloves, and scrubs.


What is GMP?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a set of rules and procedures related to the handling, cleaning, quality assurance, and packaging processes in manufacturing facilities and the products they produce.


Why GMP Solutions?

GMP-certified environments follow strict rules and regulations regarding cleaning validation. GMP Solutions products have been designed specifically for those operating in these environments across various industries.


Clean Compliance

Commercial-scale processing facilities demand efficient and cost-effective cleaning methods. GMP Solutions delivers simple and effective cleaning products for equipment used in the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis and other plant-based products, as well as in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging.


Cleaning Products

GMP Solutions products are safe and easy to use. Our products take the complexities out of the equipment cleaning process, making it easy to keep operations going while maintaining a GMP-compliant cleaning validation protocol.

Ready to clean up?

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